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One Week Hackathon

One week Hackathon is a different and interesting idea. It is like visiting different Amazing places from day to day. It will develop dopamine( Hormone-related to happiness ) in your life and oxytocin(Hormone-related to Trust) towards code Talentum in your Brain. Different Interesting Task’s day to day will Impact the way you think not only about coding but also in decision making. Those Tasks will make you think and question yourself about [what, why, how] Which makes you build the great skill of problem-solving mindset.

One Week Hackathon on Front-End and Backend Thinking Skills will be conducted from August 03 to 09, 2020…

CodeTalentum WeekEnd Challenge

A Challenge in life makes life more interesting, without it life seems boring right.
A Challenge will help you to discover the best version of you. The version you like the most.

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