Hey Young Aspirant,

If your dream is a job or entrepreneur whatever it may be, you must acquire and update your skills continuously! In the process of fulfilling your dreams.

We have identified the problem, everybody wants to learn a skill, some wants to learn Technical skills such as C, C++, Java, and Python. Some want to learn marketing skills such as Digital Marketing and Some others want to learn Technologies such as IOT, Web Development, AI, Augmented Reality, and Data Science.

But the problem is, they are not actually learning with respect to the Real-world!
They are Just Coding, They are Just Memorizing, and they are not questioning themselves. They think that they are slow in learning, and people feel like a failure. But remember coding is not about memorizing or learning it’s all about Thinking.

How to code will make you, How to think -Steve Jobs

Industry needs Technical Skills along with Psychological such as

  • Problem Solving Mindset
  • Design Thinking
  • Patience
  • Passion

Here the Code Talentum will help you like a tool to discover these skills in you

Code Talentum is a platform to learn and improve your skills practically.


“They are already in you, just you need to discover”
Are you Ready to Taste these skills come on let’s do it
Before Changing the world you must change, Ask yourself are you willing to change. Lets participate a one week hackathon program on front-end and back-end thinking

Our Journey


Our mission is to make students self-learners and create problem solving mindset.

Our vision is to create a value in self education industry..